With the 2017 Summer Program comes to a close, the summer associates enjoyed their final two outings this past week – TopGolf of Alexandria and AutoBahn Indoor Speedway in Sterling.

On Thursday, July 20, a few Wiley attorneys joined the summer program at TopGolf of Alexandria for a great night of active fun! This fun, modern take on a driving range gave everyone a chance to practice their best golf skills while also enjoying food, music and refreshments. We had a few standout players who channeled Tiger Woods, circa 2005, while others enjoyed the practice of a new sport. From experts to beginners, everyone had a great time!

Back row (right to left): Riley MacGraw, Ryan Frazee, Lauryn Harris, John Allen Riggins, Dwayne Treece, Boyd Garriott, Steve Kenny, and Ari Meltzer. Front row (right to left): Jonathan Babcock, Anna Schaffner, Maddie Cohen, Chiara Tondi Resta, Vinecia Perkins and Jerita Salley pose for a picture after having a blast at TopGolf of Alexandria!

Our summer associates have each others backs as Dwayne Treece saves the crew from an incoming golf ball!

Vinecia Perkins shows off her skills as she wacks the golf ball off it’s tee!

Summer associates Riley MacGraw, John Allen Riggins, Jonathan Babcock and Dwayne Treece all pose for a picture at the end of the night!











And on July 26, the summer associates gathered for one last event at Autobahn, where they sped around the indoor track on go-karts that reached speeds of up to 50 miles per hour! This event, organized exclusively for the summer associates, gave them a last chance to bond before they head back to law school classes in the Fall. Their competitive sides emerged as they took part in three races with Boyd Garriott and Martha Vazquez taking spots in the winner’s circle!

Martha Vazquez, Chiara Tondi Resta, John Allen Riggins, Riley MacGraw, Anna Schaffner, Jonathan Babcock and Dwayne Treece gear up for their second race around the track!


Summer Associates Anna Schaffner gives us a wave before she heads out on the track!

The summer associates banded together in support before their first trip around the track!











Now that the summer social outings have wrapped up, we are looking forward to our July 27 farewell reception.

It’s hard to believe these 10 weeks have flown by so quickly – but fortunately for us, not quite as fast as those go-karts!

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