Group Picture

Back Row – left to right: Dwayne Treece, Boyd Garriott, John Allen Riggins, Jonathan Babcock, Maggie Thomas, Cara Lasley, Jessica Gallinaro, Steve Kenny, Martha Vazquez, Lauryn Harris, Maddie Cohen, Riley MacGraw, Ryan Frazee, Nina Rustgi Front Row – left to right: Chiara Tondi Resta, Cynthia Galvez, Anna Schaffner and Madi Lottenbach


Each year our summer associates are paired with a mentor to help guide them through their 10-week stay in our Summer Program. Mentors provide guidance, review projects, and help the summer associates navigate their way into the Wiley Rein family.

This year, the mentors and mentees gathered for a fun-filled night of bonding and painting at Muse Paintbar at the National Harbor. They were able to show off their creative skills and get to know each other on a more social level, outside the office doors.

Did someone miss their calling as the next Picasso? We’ll let you decide!

001Painting Picture - Vinecia, Nina, Boyd

Vinecia Perkins, Nina Rustgi and Boyd Garriott posed for a picture mid-painting!

03Painting Picture - Riley and Ryan

Riley MacGraw (right) and Ryan Frazee (left) are busy perfecting their works of art!













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