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Farewell 2017 Summer Associate Class!

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It seems like just yesterday our 10 summer associates gathered for orientation, and now they have already moved back to campus – just like that, the summer program has come to an end.

Although these past 10 weeks went by extremely fast, it was a very exciting and successful summer! Our summer associates were fortunate enough to have had some great opportunities with attorneys at the firm, including attending hearings, client trips, pro bono matters, and much, much more.

In an effort to show our appreciation for the summer class and the Wiley Rein attorneys who helped make this year’s program so successful, we hosted a Farewell Casino Night Reception on Thursday, July 27, here at the firm. The Main Conference Center was transformed into a casino – including a craps table, poker and blackjack tables, roulette, and more! All of the summer associates and dozens of attorneys from the firm came down to try their luck at the tables! Associate Kendra Norwood and summer associate Jonathan Babcock were crowned casino night champions as they both turned their initial $50,000 in play money into $500,000!

It was a great night and a bittersweet way to say goodbye to our 2017 summer associate class. We can only hope to be just as lucky next year with a great group of law students! We congratulate all of our summer associates on the hard work they put in this summer!

Farewell summer class of 2017, and thanks for a great summer at Wiley Rein!

(from right to left) Mike Gridley, Jonathan Babcock, Riley MacGraw, Cynthia Galvez, Liz Lee, and Anna Schaffner started their luck at the craps table!

Managing partner Peter Shields joined Jonathan Babcock, John Allen Riggins, and Boyd Garriott at the black jack table where Jonathan went on to win big!

Our 2017 summer class joined for one last picture at the Farewell Reception! (back row: Martha Vazquez, Chiara Tondi Resta, Boyd Garriott, Riley MacGraw, Anna Schaffner, John Allen Riggins / front row: Jonathan Babcock, Lauryn Harris and Dwayne Treece – not pictured: Vinecia Perkins)

One Last ‘Swing’ Before We ‘Drive’ Into the End of Summer

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With the 2017 Summer Program comes to a close, the summer associates enjoyed their final two outings this past week – TopGolf of Alexandria and AutoBahn Indoor Speedway in Sterling.

On Thursday, July 20, a few Wiley attorneys joined the summer program at TopGolf of Alexandria for a great night of active fun! This fun, modern take on a driving range gave everyone a chance to practice their best golf skills while also enjoying food, music and refreshments. We had a few standout players who channeled Tiger Woods, circa 2005, while others enjoyed the practice of a new sport. From experts to beginners, everyone had a great time!

Back row (right to left): Riley MacGraw, Ryan Frazee, Lauryn Harris, John Allen Riggins, Dwayne Treece, Boyd Garriott, Steve Kenny, and Ari Meltzer. Front row (right to left): Jonathan Babcock, Anna Schaffner, Maddie Cohen, Chiara Tondi Resta, Vinecia Perkins and Jerita Salley pose for a picture after having a blast at TopGolf of Alexandria!

Our summer associates have each others backs as Dwayne Treece saves the crew from an incoming golf ball!

Vinecia Perkins shows off her skills as she wacks the golf ball off it’s tee!

Summer associates Riley MacGraw, John Allen Riggins, Jonathan Babcock and Dwayne Treece all pose for a picture at the end of the night!











And on July 26, the summer associates gathered for one last event at Autobahn, where they sped around the indoor track on go-karts that reached speeds of up to 50 miles per hour! This event, organized exclusively for the summer associates, gave them a last chance to bond before they head back to law school classes in the Fall. Their competitive sides emerged as they took part in three races with Boyd Garriott and Martha Vazquez taking spots in the winner’s circle!

Martha Vazquez, Chiara Tondi Resta, John Allen Riggins, Riley MacGraw, Anna Schaffner, Jonathan Babcock and Dwayne Treece gear up for their second race around the track!


Summer Associates Anna Schaffner gives us a wave before she heads out on the track!

The summer associates banded together in support before their first trip around the track!











Now that the summer social outings have wrapped up, we are looking forward to our July 27 farewell reception.

It’s hard to believe these 10 weeks have flown by so quickly – but fortunately for us, not quite as fast as those go-karts!

Wiley Rein Welcomes Students from Thurgood Marshall Academy

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On July 14, while many Washington-area students were cooling off at the pool, 120 rising ninth-graders from Thurgood Marshall Academy participated in a Summer Law Day event here at the firm! This year’s Law Day kicked off with an early-morning breakfast training session for our attorneys participating in the program – and once the students arrived, they were divided into six small groups.

Each group of students teamed up with a pair of attorneys, and dove right into a lesson focusing on contracts. The session also included interactive workshops, simulated negotiation, and a mock trial. The Law Day program concluded with a group lunch with all the students and our attorney volunteers.

Thurgood Marshall Academy was the first law-themed public charter high school in DC, and was founded based on the principles – articulated by U.S. Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall – that every child should have a world-class education and the opportunity to reach their full potential. The annual Summer Law Day at Wiley Rein is just one of the great opportunities Thurgood Marshall Academy offers its students.

A big thank-you to all of our attorneys who took time out of their busy schedules to volunteer! Wiley Rein is proud to be a supporter of Thurgood Marshall Academy, and we look forward to working with the school and its students again in the future!

Wiley Rein Summer Associates (left) Vinecia Perkins and (right) Anna Schaffner working hard with the students from Thurgood Marshall!


Associate, Derrick Petit, teaching the students about Contracts!


Managing Partner Welcomes Summer Associates for Dinner at His Home

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Unlike most major law firms in the city, Wiley Rein LLP and its attorneys are based in a single office, located among the bustling offices on K Street in Washington, DC. Having one office location provides a unique and personal setting for Wiley Rein professionals, one where the attorneys genuinely get to know each other, and in the summer, get to know each summer associate personally.

To further highlight the exceptional aspects of Wiley Rein, Managing Partner Peter Shields and his husband, Ace Werner, generously opened their home to the summer associate class—and members of the firm’s Executive and Management Committees and their guests—for a beautiful dinner on Tuesday, July 11. Attorneys, summer associates, and guests mingled under tents in Peter’s back yard as they enjoyed a night of delicious food and amazing conversation.

It’s hard to believe that summer is passing so quickly, but it was great to have another opportunity for our summer associates to get to know some of the principle members of the firm.

A very special thank you to Peter and Ace for hosting the event at their elegant home, it was truly an extraordinary night!

Wiley attorneys, Summer Associates, and guest all enjoyed a beautiful dinner together under a tent in Peter’s back yard.


On right – Chris Kelly and his wife Heather, Alan Price and his wife Wendy, summer associates Jonathan Babcock & Boyd Garriott along with Managing Partner, Peter Shields enjoyed each other’s company over dessert. Peter was the hit of the table!  On left – Kathy Kirby, Anna Gomez and summer associate, John Allen Riggins talked and ate dessert to close out a fantastic night.



Summer Associates See Nationals Game Almost Upended by Weather Delay

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On Thursday, July 6, Wiley Rein summer associates and attorneys made their way to Navy Yard to watch the Washington Nationals take on the Atlanta Braves in what became a rain delay with almost no rain at all.

Although the impending thunderstorm never made its way to Nationals Park, the game was delayed three hours and did not officially start until after 10:00 p.m. This did not stop the summer associates from enjoying the view, food, and company as they connected with Wiley Rein attorneys and their significant others. 

Riley MacGraw, one of our summer associates, stuck it out to see the teams play two innings, at which point the Nationals were leading 1-0. He must have brought the luck home with him, because the Nationals weren’t able to hold onto the lead for long and ended up losing 5-2.

And Wiley Rein’s undoubtedly biggest National’s fan, Kurt DeSoto, kept up his tradition of handing out “First Game Certificates” to those visiting Nationals Park for the first time, including summer associate Dwayne Treece.

Despite the loss and the weather delay, the day was an overall success as the summer associates and Wiley Rein attorneys laughed and connected, enjoying the great venue and fantastic company. One might say this was the best game they never saw…better luck next time Nationals!

(from right to left) Our 2017 Summer Associates – Riley MacGraw, Lauryn Harris, Anna Schaffner, John Allen Riggins, Vinecia Perkins, Martha Vazquez, Chiara Tondi Resta, Jonathan Babcock, Boyd Garriott, and Dwayne Treece pose for a picture in front of Nationals field.


(from right to left): Legal Talent member Ariana Branford, Of Counsel Kurt DeSoto and summer associate Dwayne Treece pose with their “First Game Certificates”, officially capturing their first visit to Nationals Park.

Rockin’ Out and Escaping…

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It’s hard to believe that we are already halfway through the 2017 Summer Associate Program! Our summer associates have been very busy assisting on projects across all practice areas of the firm, and have even been able to join attorneys on special opportunities for client visits and speaking engagements across the country.

We love that our summers like to work hard, but they also like to play hard! Over the past two weeks, the summer associates have joined in on two fun events with other members of the firm.

On June 20, Wiley Rein attorneys and the summer associates attended the U2 concert at FedEx Field, where they enjoyed an amazing performance by Bono, the Edge, Adam Clayton, and Larry Mullen, Jr. The summer associates sang, danced, and ate along with Wiley Rein partners, associates, and Legal Talent staff.

And on June 28, associates from the firm joined the summer class for a fun-filled evening at the Escape Room gaming venue in Georgetown! Summers and associates broke into three groups, each with their own “game master” who provided them a brief storyline, explained the rules, set the timer, and locked the door. Each group had 45 minutes to find the key and “escape” from their room. Everyone had a great time and one group even finished their mission in record time, earning a spot on the Escape Room leaderboard!

With only four weeks left in the program, we are looking forward to what the rest of the summer has to offer!

Group pic with kay

(from left to right) Chiara Tondi Resta, John Allen Riggins, Anna Schaffner, Lauryn Harris, and Vinecia Perkins spent some quality time with Chief Talent Officer Kay Nash as they enjoyed U2!

2nd Group - Martha, Riley, Boyd

(from right to left) Boyd Garriott, Bonnie Wise, Saverio Romeo, Martha Vazquez, Kendra Norwood, and Riley MacGraw all posed for a picture after they “escaped” from their mummy themed room!

1st Group - Anna, Chiara John Allen - FUN

(from right to left) Anna Schaffner, John Allen Riggins, Leland Jones, Eric Wang, Cara Lasley and Chiara Tondi Resta, escaped in record time and posed for a victory picture!

3rd Group - Vinecia, Dwayne, Jonathan

(from right to left) Jessica Gallinaro, Emily Hart, Jonathan Babcock, Vinecia Perkins, Dwayne Treece, Cynthia Galvez, and Stewart Day all joined together after they “escaped”!


Summer Program Mentor/Mentee Outing at Muse Paintbar National Harbor

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Group Picture

Back Row – left to right: Dwayne Treece, Boyd Garriott, John Allen Riggins, Jonathan Babcock, Maggie Thomas, Cara Lasley, Jessica Gallinaro, Steve Kenny, Martha Vazquez, Lauryn Harris, Maddie Cohen, Riley MacGraw, Ryan Frazee, Nina Rustgi Front Row – left to right: Chiara Tondi Resta, Cynthia Galvez, Anna Schaffner and Madi Lottenbach


Each year our summer associates are paired with a mentor to help guide them through their 10-week stay in our Summer Program. Mentors provide guidance, review projects, and help the summer associates navigate their way into the Wiley Rein family.

This year, the mentors and mentees gathered for a fun-filled night of bonding and painting at Muse Paintbar at the National Harbor. They were able to show off their creative skills and get to know each other on a more social level, outside the office doors.

Did someone miss their calling as the next Picasso? We’ll let you decide!

001Painting Picture - Vinecia, Nina, Boyd

Vinecia Perkins, Nina Rustgi and Boyd Garriott posed for a picture mid-painting!

03Painting Picture - Riley and Ryan

Riley MacGraw (right) and Ryan Frazee (left) are busy perfecting their works of art!













Welcoming our 2017 Summer Associate Class at Masseria!

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On Monday, May 22, Wiley Rein welcomed this year’s summer associate class to the firm! To kick-start the 10-week Summer Program, Wiley Rein attorneys and guests welcomed the summer associates at Masseria Restaurant in Northeast DC for a great night of delicious food.

The group was blown away by Chef Nicholas Stefanelli’s heavenly food and the restaurant’s magical environment. It created the perfect atmosphere for our summer associates to get to know many of the firm’s practice group leaders, as well as other principals of the firm.

We are so thankful to the Masseria crew as they provided an unforgettable night for our summer associate class, Wiley Rein attorneys, and guests! What a great way to start our Summer Program!

Table 1

left to right around the table – Maggie Thomas, Chiara Tondi Resta, Floyd Chapman, Dot Powell-Woodson, Cara Lasley, and Jon Burd

Table 4

left to right around the table – Eric van Doorn, Sonali Gunawardhana, Nikeshia Holt, Derick Holt, Ralph Caccia, John Allen Riggins, and Bonnie Wise



Wiley Rein Supports NALP/Street Law Program for Fourth Consecutive Year

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For the fourth year in a row, the firm hosted a legal career conference for high school students as part of the National Association for Law Placement (NALP)/Street Law Legal Diversity Pipeline Program. This initiative encourages high school students to pursue careers in the law and aims to increase diversity in the legal profession, through attorney volunteers who teach the students about legal concepts and introduce them to career paths within the industry.

Through Wiley Rein’s participation in the program, attorneys recently visited Anacostia High School to teach students about contracts law and the Fourth Amendment. In addition, on April 25, the students visited the firm for a one-day law conference, where they participated in interactive workshops including a mock trial and simulated negotiation. The conference concluded with a lunch where attorneys and staff spoke openly with students about their careers, education, and professional backgrounds.

Thank you to all of the Wiley Rein lawyers who participated in this year’s classroom visits and conference, for the time they have devoted to this fantastic program!


Students from Anacostia High School during the mock trial with Cara Lasley, Derick Holt, Saverio Romeo, and Keith Matthews monitoring from the back.


Special U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum CLE Event

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On March 29, 2017, the firm hosted “Propaganda Advancing Extremism, Then and Now,” a Continuing Legal Education (CLE) seminar presented by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. The seminar, presented by Dr. Edna Friedberg, a Museum historian, focused on the Nazis’ use of propaganda to transform a minor right-wing fringe group into the largest political party in democratic Germany. Many of these propaganda techniques are now used by ISIS and other extremist groups to attract followers.

Dr. Friedberg has served as Director of the Holocaust Museum’s Wexner Learning Center and as historian for the museum’s online Holocaust Encyclopedia. She regularly speaks with audiences across the country on connecting Holocaust history with issues today.

More than 50 of the firm’s attorneys and legal assistants, as well as Holocaust Museum guests, attended this program. One of the firm’s founding partners, Bert Rein, is an active member of the Washington Lawyers Committee, and Wiley Rein along with the Committee will continue to be a strong supporter of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.